We are Barrier Workshop Architectural Studio.  Better known as bwas.design, we are a multi-state licensed architectural firm offering clean, responsive, invigorating designs and design-build services.  We are creative. Very few things stir human creativity like that of necessity. Struggle often accompanies necessity. Inventiveness and ingenuity are stimulated by the struggle.  More times than not, this struggle inspires the most ingenious solutions not necessarily the most complicated.  We are approachable.  We understand that taking a project from conception to construction can be challenging.  If you are wondering where to begin or maybe what the next step is, we are here to help overcome those challenges.  We are listeners. We love design and especially enjoy talking about it; although, we have found that listening is the far more important part of the conversation.  We are doers. You will find that we are more than a professional service but rather a holistic experience. Our approach is dynamic and full of energy; expect to be fully engaged. We are responsible. Sustainability is not something we do; it is who we are.  We consider the environmental, economical, and social impacts with each design. We are innovators. We not only look at how people interact with the built environment, but also how the built environment interacts with people.  We believe this built environment needs to embrace human qualities by becoming more intuitive, responsive, and adaptive.  We refer to this as mechanical humanism. We are design-build. Although, we offer a full array of design services, we are especially fond of our collaborative design-build project delivery method.  It is tailored for fast-paced, budget sensitive projects needing to reduce bottlenecks that come with traditional project delivery methods.  Ask us about it; if you try it, you'll love it.



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