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508 Jackson

Being on the street of a walk-able, lively downtown area offering a pleasant business environment during the typical workday, a variety of retail shops and restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife is the perfect location for this contemporary design studio baring modern elements with the warmth of rustic weathered timbers, brick walls, and reclaimed hardwood floors. The studio carefully preserved and reused as much of the historically significant building as possible and many features were uncovered that brought back resemblance of their former lives. Special efforts were taken not to disturb the original character of the building.  Movable walls were constructed and placed strategically in the 1,800 sqft studio concept which enabled the ability to create various environments to accommodate different needs. To add to the craftsmanship, 5 workstation were created containing handcrafted desks made from maple wood butcher-block and steel. A matching 8x8 conference room table was also fashioned and placed in front of a signature wall with recessed lighting beyond. In addition to warehouse style lighting, track lighting is installed throughout and exposed duct work increases the modern flair. Custom wood doors with translucent full glass marked the entries/exits and a modern sliding barn door made of matching translucent glass hung at the doorway of the kitchenette.

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