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Pickwick Pavilion

Enjoying lazy summer lake days was a priority for the design scheme for this pavilion situated on a point of shoreline overlooking Pickwick Lake. The parti or “big idea” driving this design was the desire to be able to park the boat in the boat house after a full day of playing on the water and extend the enjoyment right near the shore without having to go up to the main house. The pavilion also needed to generate a balance with the main house therefore the same type of exposed heavy timbers and stone was used to carry out the original theme. The nestling of the pavilion in the existing trees was taken into careful consideration to maximize site preservation while still capturing the essence of the gorgeous waterfront views and was fashioned to accommodate a large group of family and friends. While the food is being prepared and cooked in the small outdoor grilling/kitchen area, an outdoor shower provides a way to freshen up before dinner. After showering, there is abundant lounging space arranged in various small groupings to stimulate options for conversations on the open air patio or around the grand fireplace if a cozier environment is preferred.

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