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Cabbage Patch Cafe

The 20 acre site for this multipurpose building was connected on one side to a thriving community and joined a popular thoroughfare to a lake resort. The owners wanted to stress the commitment to partnering with the community in order to set a positive precedent for possible future commercial development in this area, to the mutual benefit of the existing community and future tenants. The design speaks that a versatile building of this magnitude can be embedded in the community with local vernacular using warm and inviting stone and wood to become unified as a social gathering site for the locals and a unique experience for travelers.  The inspiration behind the Cabbage Patch Café & Fresh Food Market stems from the incorporation of sustainable, locally grown produce with farm to table dining.  Taken together, these programs would thrive on the support of local farmers and community partners. The market is conceived as a seasonal farmer’s market, offering local farmers and craftsmen a place to sell fresh produce, meats, and specialty items to visitors and the surrounding community. Integral to the fresh market’s success is the café, which would use ingredients provided by the fresh market on a local, seasonally evolving menu.  The building concept allows for a combination of indoor, covered outdoor, and open air seating and gathering areas. The convenience store which offers the sale of bio-fuels, acts as a hub between the market and cafe, and would be integrated into the cafe.  The result is an area that feels less like a convenience store, but rather an extension of the cafe and fresh market. Special emphasis is given to light & noise pollution which are typically overlooked in commercial development. From bright glares to interrupted sleep, these unwanted stimuli can increase stress to surrounding residents. We integrated a proper lighting layout adding another layer of sustainability with the use of solar in some areas, building placement, and landscaping that minimizes the impact of light and noise pollution to the local environment.

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