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ACE Fleet Maintenance Facility

An electric cooperative needs to be ready to swing into action on a moment’s notice, especially when power shortages occur.  A properly maintained fleet is essential to providing uninterrupted/continuous service to its co-op members. ACE Power takes pride in providing its members the best maintained equipment possible to tackle the normal everyday operations as well as any unforeseen situations.  To achieve this, ACE engaged the design and build of an 18,000 sqft fleet maintenance facility.  The design focus is centered on five 29’ high bays providing specific service needs for a diverse fleet. With a through-bay design, maintenance schedulers can enter and exit in multiple directions.  The large truck service bay houses an overhead crane capable of lifting 4,000 pounds and can operate the full 100’ depth of the building.  The second service bay houses both a small and a large truck floor lift that allows for complete access beneath work trucks.  The third service bay incorporates a well-lit oil changing pit equipped with an automatic pump to relocate used-oil to an exterior storage tank. Conveniently located the hose reels above provide all fluids needed to service the fleet.  These crucial fluids are provided to the hose reels via a custom, accessible fluid trench that comes from a designated fluid storage room.  The fluid storage room has a containment pit in the event of a tank rupture.  A fourth service bay is a dedicated wet area that provides cold and hot water hose reels.  The floor slopes gently to multiple large area drains.  All area drains are connected to an oil/water separator suitably located near the exterior used-oil storage tank. An internal welding shop is separated from the service bay with floor to ceiling walls.  Welding shop fumes are exhausted to the exterior by wall fans.  Also, multiple vehicle exhaust ports are provided for inclement weather days when exterior overhead doors are to remain closed. A 3,000 sqft open mezzanine storage area is located above the administration offices, tool room, and fluid storage room.  A removable guardrail section allows for fork truck access to the mezzanine storage area as well as an interior stairway. 

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