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Hope Church

We were granted the design competition for a “plant” church from a group of Cumberland Presbyterian ministers who wished to build a multipurpose building spreading across 15 acres in the heart of a massive new residential development.  They desired a place where they could hold religious services as well as community happenings such as sporting activities, multimedia events, and offer daycare and preschool services. The holistic design parti or “big idea” was for buildings to reflect the three Calvary crosses and crucifixion of Christ while teaching the theology of the Cumberland Presbyterian doctrine which will be paralleled in the language of the buildings and site, and will be constructed in 3 phases being part of a master plan with completion over 10 years.  Three towers are strategically positioned as hubs and used as anchors for organization for future intended functions. Using the deconstructionism architectural language, structures are pulled apart to allow for function of space separation.  The separations are bridged using large glass to create visual sight connections to the featured cross in the center of site and pedestrian circulation which also comprises a water feature symbolizing that the blood that ran from the cross at the crucifixion of Christ flows freely for all. Although many elements will be added throughout individual phases, each phase has a main component. Phase 1 is commissioned for the construction of the multipurpose building; phase 2 is slated for the erection of the family life center; phase 3 will complete the master plan with the addition of the sanctuary.

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