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Tippah County Hospital

The proposed Tippah County Hospital renovations and additions are broken up into three phases.  Phase 1 includes consolidating existing patient rooms, relocating E.R. and admin areas, and adding a new public entry and rural health clinic.  Phase 2 includes a new, centrally located public entry and updated admin wing.  Phase 3 converts the existing E.R. clinic into a physician's clinic. The design concept is to consolidate the existing hospital functions into a few of the building’s existing wings, and upgrade existing facilities.  The proposed public courtyard and new patient rooms are Phase 1 examples of reimagining existing facilities and take advantage of the spaces already available in the building.  Phase 2 expands the hospital into the remaining, existing footprint. The proposed design uses as much existing infrastructure as possible while accommodating new program.  To this end, renovation is largely limited to the a-south and c buildings, as the new plan consolidates much of the existing hospital functions into these two wings.  The existing, large courtyard will also be enhanced as part of selective renovation. Existing structure is being utilized to add a third level over the a-south building.  The new facades consist of materials that will compliment but not copy the existing brick – two new iconic entries serve to tie the entire facility together. The existing building includes two courtyards that are largely underdeveloped.  The design enhances both courtyards, making them focal points of the building.  The larger courtyard is conceived as a public space where patients and visitors can get outdoors for exercise or relaxation.  The smaller courtyard, adjacent to the proposed admin wing, is a staff-only area, a small retreat for doctors &staff. TCH has expressed the need for a physician’s clinic to attract new doctors and patients to the hospital.  The design proposes a later phase, converting the existing E.R. wing into this clinic.  This is the better cost efficient method instead of new construction and locates the new clinic adjacent to the hospital.

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