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Corinth Healthcare Associates

This 3,000 sqft acute care center is conveniently located next to a pharmacy with easy access between the two buildings through a breezeway. The use of brick and warm materials on the exterior of the acute care center was mirrored to match the architectural language of the pharmacy on site encouraging the use of both facilities and shared parking was designed with that concept in mind. The healthcare center has 9 ft ceilings throughout, 3 inch sound attenuation walls, and a variety of types of floor coverings including stained concrete, vinyl composition tile (VCT), terrazzo, ceramic tile, and sealed concrete.  The waiting room accommodates 25 patients with ample room to sign in at the reception area. Beyond the call back area, the design appeals to an easy flow of traffic between 4 exam rooms, fully functioning lab, centrally located nurses’ station, employee break room, private employee bathroom, 2 private offices for health care providers, and checkout counter that provides adequate privacy. Upon leaving the facility, patients are encouraged to walk next door to fill prescriptions if needed which supports a quicker arrival time at home to help patients feel better more quickly.

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