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Corinth Urgent Care

Conveniently located in close proximity to the hospital and on a popular thoroughfare in town, Corinth Urgent Care is in a prime location that not only appeals to patients, but also attracts healthcare providers who can conveniently and timely go between the two facilities. With patient care being the major priority, the driving force behind this design was to enhance patients’ experiences at the clinic and reduce their total visit time by incorporating a good circulation between patients and medical staff.  The owners of this modern clinic desired to have more capabilities then standard urgent care clinics and anticipated offering additional services to help keep patients out of emergency departments. Adequate parking is provided and the 25 spaces can be accessed from two roadways. A 39 seat capacity double height waiting area, comprised with large glass windows for natural lighting, greets patients and guides them to the reception area. A pair of restrooms are included in the waiting area to accommodate patients and family members. Beyond the waiting room, this clinic offers 3 regular exam rooms, 2 procedure rooms used to perform a variety of skilled services, and its own x-ray department which provides options for imaging. The nurses’ station is located in the center of the of the work zone which aids in efficient circulation between nurses, supplies, and providers. Additionally, there is a medical storage closet, employee break room & bathrooms, and private office for the healthcare provider.

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