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Big M Transportation

With a large fleet of nearly 200 trucks and the wish to expand to 300 in the future, this owner had a need for a new corporate headquarters that would consolidate each department into one 44,000 sqft  central location for ease of access, better communications and enhanced operations. Keynote to the design was the desire for the new headquarters to reflect the existing matching 200 trucks for a branded look to be used as a marketing tool. Modern steel, large glass windows, and masonry features will be added to the design theme to accomplish this marketing feature. The design motif centers on the operations pit or dispatch which is a viable link between clients and drivers. All departments cooperatively are organized within but are in proximity to associated departments for ease of communication and interactions. The office space is a generous 15,000 sqft and although it includes one large training room centrally located for administration needs and driver training, each department also has secondary smaller meeting rooms to use exclusively. Adjacent to the office area is a large fully equipped commercial kitchen that the owner uses to prepare, cook, and host the weekly employee appreciations meals. Maintenance and safety are two key components of successful operations and the 24,000 sqft maintenance shop places all emphasizes on that fact. The state of the art facility includes 5 routine care full truck & trailer service bays, 10 half bays used for engine parts repair and regen, 2 tire changing bays, and a 20x20 compressor room. The 5,000 sqft inspection station reflects that safety is paramount from driver’s training to truck assessment of all inbound/outbound trucks and includes 2 pit areas for under chassis inspections and cat walks for above. Secure overnight parking for long haul drivers is provided and a custom secure drivers’ lounge welcomes drivers to the use of a kitchen, full restrooms including showers, and relaxation rooms completely equipped with tv/internet/and recliners.

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